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One of the most unforgettable experiences for any gospel fan was to see and hear Cassietta George.

At the age of four, Cassietta George was destined to be a pioneer of gospel music. Cassietta is the daughter of the late Reverend Peter Baker and the late Cassietta Baker. This religious mold was very instrumental in Cassietta's gospel singing career. Participating in many school concerts and community affairs in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, she inspired many people throughout the state of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi.


Cassietta's unique style and sound is a fusing of traditional black gospel music mixed with elements of a contemporary sound. This unique style of soul gospel singing led Ms. George to be among the first gospel singers to bring black gospel to radio and television in her hometown of Memphis Tennessee.


In 1953 Ms. George moved to Chicago, Ill and she became one of the lead singers and writers of the original world famous Caravans, founder Albnertina Walker, Louise McDonals-Ross, the late Rev. James Cleveland and the late John Erin Davis. Later the group included such great gospel artist such as Inez Andrews, Shirley Caesar, James Herndon, Delores Washington, Dorothy Norwood, the late Bessie Griffin and the late Josephine Howard.


Ms. George has recorded 16 albums and written over 100 songs, which have been recorded by her and other gospel artists. Her most noted work is for her writting and recording of "Walk Around Heaven All Day" which has been a standard through the years. Cassietta has performed from Robbin Dell Park in the City of Brotherly Love, Philidelphia, to Carnegie Hall in New York City, the Shrine Auditorium and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, CA. She has also performed with the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the great Zubin Mehta and has two Grammy nominations, Stellar Award, Thomas A. Dorsey Award of Distinction of the McDonald Feast and other awards to credit. Cassietta was recently honored for Black History Month by Ms. Joyce Eatman host of KKVV 106 AM Radio in Las Vegas Nevada.

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